Swiss watch manufacturers Andre and Ronnie Bernheim have purchased the remaining fifty percent of Luminox watch companies and brands from founding partner Barry Cohen. Luminox, founded in 1989, is famed for its wrist watches which employ a self-powered illumination system that allows consumers to continuously read the time, even in the dark, for up to 25 years. Often favored by professionals spanning demanding industries as well as those seeking adrenalin fueled activities, the brand is well regarded for offering durability and dependability. Swiss-made in the state-of-the art factory of Mondaine in Solothurn (Switzerland) and water resistant, tested to up to 500 meters water pressure, Luminox is revered for its high performance under the toughest of conditions.

San Francisco/Zurich, November 24th, 2016. The owners of the Swiss watch manufacturer Mondaine Watch Ltd, Ronnie and Andre Bernheim have reached an agreement with Barry Cohen to purchase his shares in Luminox, including its American distribution company. The brothers first bought a fifty percent share of the business from Cohen’s former partner in 2006 and now own the Luminox companies and brand in their entirety.

Cohen, who created Luminox in 1989, says: “I founded Luminox in order to introduce self-powered illuminated watches to consumers. I take great pride in having achieved something rarely accomplished, producing truly innovative Swiss-made watches which are globally distributed and recognized as the best in class. I wish both Andre and Ronnie great success in taking Luminox forward.”

Ronnie Bernheim comments: “At this point and time we thank Barry sincerely for all his commitment, passion and involvement with the brand and wish him all the best in his life outside of the Luminox world.”

Speaking of the plans for Luminox, Andre Bernheim says: “We have great concepts and products under development which we strongly believe will take the brand to a much higher level, even with the difficult nature of the industry at the moment.

This new vision will be showcased during the Baselworld Watch Fair (March 23-30, 2017). Rather than exhibiting inside the event hall, Luminox promises to surprise and delight visitors with a specially-designed space some one hundred meters (300 feet) away from the Baselworld building.

Moving forward, the primary goal will be to continue to grow Luminox worldwide in conjunction with distributors on all continents and supply this rugged Swiss-made watch collection with constant night visibility to people involved in pleasure and extreme outdoor activities.

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