Moto Sasaki review

Moto Sasaki, BMX Rider:

"With the Luminox watch, I want to be the No. 1 rider in the world! The reason why I chose Luminox is very simple. I like clear dial face and its lightness, and I like its black base look. BMX FLAT LAND is a fashionable and technical sport and I think the image of this black watch is the closest to my riding style."

Japanese BMXer Moto Sasaki is one of the top riders in the world in BMX Flatlands (a style of BMX that is performed on flat surfaces, focusing on balancing and spinning), a world of exciting routines and amazing tricks. Sasaki is the first Asian rider to win the Nora Cup Award, which recognizes the world’s top BMX rider, twice in a row, and he has been sponsored by Luminox since 2014. He earned the title of World Champion.

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