The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday

"Jessica is a rad individual. Girl is hardcore. She guide's hunting trips via horse and pack string throughout the Swan mountain range in northwest Montana. She takes people on horseback to hunt elk, moose, and bear in grizzle bear country. A few years ago, like 2 or 3, her horse got spooked and bucked her off. She ended up landing in a manner that broke her spine in a few places. Even a busted spine wasn't enough to keep this girl down, she ended up not being able to ride because of her spine and had gnarly screws and rods in her back, so because she loved the job so much, she ended up working the camp kitchen for the summer. In the winter, during the school year, we went on a 3 week school trip to Yellowstone for like a winter ecology course. Homegirl was snowshoeing with a heavily weighted pack on, towing a sled with gear, building snow shelters and everything with a busted back. She even brought her sleeping harness that helped her back. That summer she was back guiding and the rods and screws came out. I'm an airborne infantryman, I've done fire and trails work as well. I know what hard labor is but what this homegirl did is really incredible and she is still at it. Graduated with a degree in environmental science that she uses while guiding. Really an inspiration. Here's the rods from her Instagram."

“In the photos submitted is my fiancée, Kevin. Since he was a kid he had always wanted to be a firefighter unfortunately his weight set him back doing so. When he was first confronted with the reality that he can't become a firefighter with his weight, he knew that was not going to stop him from doing what he has always dreamed. He worked hard every single day and went through difficult obstacles such as bullying from his peers all throughout his time in highs school which pushed him to work harder and shaped him to be the amazing firefighter he is today. He never quit on his dreams, he started volunteering since the age of 18 and last year his friends and family had the honor of being at his firefighter training graduation ceremony. He is the most selfless person I know and is incredibly kind to all, he wakes up every morning loving his job and appreciating life so much more.”

“With a John Wick-esque personality, the person who I nominate is my brother, Roshunraj, as he truly is a man of focus, commitment and sheer will. He never ever gives up no matter what is thrown his way. As he says, even if the world opposes you and proclaims that you are defeated, until you accept it, no one can ever defeat you. He started his quest into the legal profession in 2009 and passed his Intermediate exam with great results. Things took a turn for the worse during his Part 1 examinations due to health and personal issues, causing him to fail the exam. Exams were held yearly and he tried for the next 3 years to clear his Part 1 exams yet could not pass causing his registration with the university to cease. Many around him told him its best to quit reading law and take up an easier course, but he never budged and remained firm with his goal. After a year of waiting upon his registration ceasing, the university allowed him to re-register but he had to start from scratch and undergo the course from the Intermediate level. Being an external student and without a teaching center, he read law all by himself. Despite this tribulation he channeled his inner Frogman and persevered for the following 3 years and obtained a Bachelor of Laws degree with honors. He is someone that lives and breathes the SEAL motto "The only easy day was yesterday". It was the one thing that propelled and motivated him to keep pushing boundaries and limits against his greatest competitor; himself. Having a strong love for military discipline, his study board is filled with military quotes. With photography, carpentry, and mechanical skills to name a few, he has a multifaceted skill set just as Navy SEAL would need to possess to operate in the field. He once made a clock out of plywood and a clock movement with the SEAL motto to remind himself every time he looked at the time that for greatness one has to keep moving forward and work harder than the previous day. Another favorite quote he loves using, 'If you see a wall, don't stand idle, find a way to climb over it, walk around it or blast through it', portrays his adaptive thinking and mental strength during his struggle to obtain his Law Degree. Not once did he dwell in self-pity for his past failure but he kept moving forward and figuring out ways to ensure he fulfilled his mission to get his degree. The very reason I know of the brand Luminox is due to my brother and his love for the SEAL way of thinking. He keeps tabs on prices of Luminox watches on online shopping apps in hopes that once he finished his professional course to certify him for legal practice he can own his very own Luminox. He breaks from the norm by wearing desert combat boots daily, using a 5.11 tactical bag for classes and wearing nato and zulu strapped watches with formals. Knowing him, he would be rocking a Luminox watch even in a barrister's robe. I know of no one more deserving of a Luminox Navy SEAL watch than my brother, who will cherish it not only as a timepiece but as a symbol of resilience even in times of adversity.”