Toughness, Togetherness and Fun at the LSOC powered by Tough Viking event in Stockholm (Sweden)

The main LSOC powered by Tough Viking event took place on August 26, 2017, in Stockholm (Sweden), where Luminox was sending a selection of participants to the fifteen (15) kilometers race.
With no less than ten (10) teams competing and with participants coming from all over Europe – including the UK, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Spain, Switzerland and Sweden - Luminox had a significant presence at the event.
Each country’s team were made of select Luminox hard-core fans, obstacle race enthusiasts and was led by a Team Leader, which in most cases was an active duty police officer and/or armed forces professional.
Luminox runners were coached by retired US Navy SEAL, Rob Roy, a long-time friend of the Luminox brand and who previously led several Luminox Spec Ops Challenge events. Rob Roy delivered a highly motivational speech on “togetherness, and time to action” the day before the race and he also led the warm-up training session right before the race began.
Tough Viking obstacles are massive and consist of fire, water, electricity, mud, monkey bars, barbed wire set out along a challenging route. The Luminox Atlas Stone is a heavy duty obstacle, 80 kg for men, 60 kg for women, where one has to grab the stone from the ground, lift it up and place it on top of an oil drum – a classic obstacle in strongman competitions!

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