Will Devaughn Interview

Hello Will!
We heard you took part in the Spartan Race PH – can you describe this experience?

It was one of the most challenging and amazing experiences I’ve ever had. The journey, the course, the energy of all the Spartans was just unbelievable. I now understand why people travel from all over the world to participate. The experience as a whole is just simply incredible

We know this race as a very extreme challenge – how did you prepare for it?

I’ve been training in various obstacle course warehouses 2 months prior to the Spartan race but
I’ve been consistently training calisthenics (body weight) and Olympic ring training for a year. I can say without a doubt it helped me conquer all of the the obstacles with confidence.

What are the “must have” equipment for the race?

You’d definitely need trail shoes, a durable watch (Luminox) and rubber grip gloves are all essential.

You may know that Luminox has made the Navy SEALS mantra – The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday – its motto for 2018. How do you personally relate to this mantra?

This mantra speaks volumes to me. We tend to sometimes get caught up in our comfort zones in life. Honestly, this race opened up a new side of me that I’ve been looking for. It’s about becoming better than we were yesterday. And we do this by growing in areas of discomfort, challenges and even pain.

Did you ever consider quitting the race?

I never considered quitting but I definitely considered taking a break by laying in a plush bed of grass for only 10 minutes. But I didn’t, I just kept on pushing, even if my legs were on fire. A run became a steady walk. I saved 10 minutes.