LSOC powered by Tough Viking

LSOC powered by Tough Viking

As a new generation of LSOC event, Luminox is now initiating the LSOC powered by Tough Viking event. Being the leading and largest Obstacle Race in Scandinavia, Tough Viking is a natural fit to Luminox. Also, the obstacles are designed together with the Swedish elite maritime unit Kustjägarna reminding the DNA of the original LSOC concept.

Official Timekeeper of the Tough Viking Series

Luminox Spec Ops Challenge powered by Tough Viking is the perfect occasion to express your mental strength, endurance and toughness!

Luminox, as official timekeeper of the Tough Viking Series, provides all sports & outdoor enthusiasts with an opportunity to really push their limits - and constantly test our watches under extreme conditions

KUNGLIGA DJURGÅRDEN (26 August 2017) 15 KM

Participants to the LSOC powered by Tough Viking main event will receive coaching and motivational speech from Rob Roy - retired US Navy SEAL and longtime friend of the Luminox brand.


Luminox proudly presents: Luminox Atlas Stone!

The new Luminox Atlas Stones is a heavy duty obstacle - 80 kg for men and 60 kg for women. Grab the Luminox Atlas Stone from the ground, lift it up and place it on top of the oil drum.

The Atlas Stone is a classic obstacle in strongman competitions perfectly fitting the Luminox brand: it requires strength and stamina, and not just speed and endurance.