Official Timekeeper for Spartan Philippines

Official Timekeeper for Spartan Philippines

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Luminox, the Official Timekeeper for Spartan Philippines​

The Spartan Race is far from your ordinary race. It is designed with countless unique and challenging obstacles. It combines running, climbing, crawling, and lifting. Imagine possibly getting drenched, dried by the sun, then soaked in mud all over again – all throughout destinations that feast your eyes. Throughout the course you’ll test your balance, endurance, and overall strength like you’ve never seen yourself before. You’ll conquer the race with an exciting fire jump at the end!

Spartan is known to be full of surprises. Each race is a different environment that will have you wondering what kind of atmosphere you are going to face next. On one race you’ll be running over volcanic ash, and on the next race you’ll be coursing through a forest under the rainfall. Expect to come face-to-face with bodies of water, uphill and downhill terrain, or just keep your mind open and cross the bridge when you get there because no one knows what they’ll be throwing in next.

Luminox is the Official Timekeeper of the Spartan Race Foressa Sprint

The Spartan community; though competitive, reflects unity. All racers brave the race with individual goals, but everyone is there for the sole reason of triumphing over the race. Luminox fuels the race to signify being dependable and reliable. As Luminox claims to be “durable, dependable adventure gear”, they represent the community being there for one another – as one big battalion. Similar to the training of the world’s toughest elite forces such as the Navy SEALs, the team leaves no member behind. The brands Spartan and Luminox complement each other, as the Spartan Race mimics a fraction of what seals or army groundwork feels like. This race is for the toughest out there.

Timing is everything to each racer. One has to gauge how much effort he puts in each obstacle, because proper pacing is key in order to finish the race. He must know his strengths and his weaknesses to allocate the right amount of energy for the varying obstacles. Thus, time spent for each obstacle is Essential in his finishing time. Whether they finish under an hour, or in a number of hours, what matters is they gave everything they could extract of what’s left of them, and left nothing behind. Luminox is the Essential Gear of every Spartan.

Luminox will still be their Official Timekeeper in the upcoming Spartan Race Trifecta Weekend on September 15-16, 2018 happening in Subic Bay, Central Luzon. Luminox is looking forward to coming years to still be the Official Timekeeper partner of Spartan due to the fruitful partnership during the previous races. Under the sun or the pouring rain, in broad daylight or in dusk, Luminox is Always Visible to the Spartan Community.

Participant’s experiences

The Spartan Sprint held in Foressa Balamban was my first ever Spartan Race. The course started off an uphill run with steep terrain. It was a tough start but very challenging for first-time racers like me. Out of the 21 brutally hard obstacles, I missed two of them (the spear throw and rope climb), and did a total of 60 burpees. I was pretty proud of myself that I completed the race and had the best time even though I was literally covered in mud at the finish line. With no doubt, I fell in love with Spartan Race and would definitely do it again. Aroo!
Janice Salgado, Cebu City

The race was always I wanted in the first place since the challenges tested my physical abilities as to fitness. The opportunity to represent Luminox added my drive to pursue greater heights for it is impossible to finish the race without my head being focused in the game. It was not an easy feat but the experience was truly exciting and worthwhile. Aroo!
Krei Piedad, Cebu City

Spartan Race held in Foressa, Cebu last June 16, 2018 was my greatest. It was my favorite course amongst the three races I’ve joined so far. The rigorous trails were challenging and demanded the best of it competitors. Composed of steep hills, muddy and swamp like paths went on forever and made me feel the race would never end. But giving up was not an option. Pure determination and positive thinking fueled my desire to finish the race. I’m so thankful to Luminox Philippines for making me part of their team and for taking care of us before and after the race.
Mark Sta. Maria, Metro Manila