Master Carbon SEAL <br />3800 Series

Master Carbon SEAL
3800 Series

“Luminox watches are known for their durability and the new Master Carbon SEAL takes rugged to a whole new level. The Master Carbon SEAL uses a 40% CARBONOX+™ case rendering the watch ultra-strong without adding the weight of steel or even titanium.” – Shaun Marriott, Lt Commander, Navy SEAL (Retired).

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Leatherback Sea Turtle <br />0320 Series

Leatherback Sea Turtle
0320 Series

The classic Luminox case design with the protected crown balanced by an opposite outcropping has often been compared to the shape of a turtle. Applied to the Luminox SEA series watches, the now iconic Luminox case design is referred to as the “turtle-shape” case.

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The Only Easy <br />Day Was Yesterday<br /> 3580 Series

The Only Easy
Day Was Yesterday
3580 Series

"The only easy day was yesterday" is a saying embraced by the U.S. Navy SEALs meaning that every day you should work harder than the last, making the previous day seem easier.

Navy SEAL Chronograph 3580 Series

Atacama Field Automatic <br />1900 Series

Atacama Field Automatic
1900 Series

The Atacama Desert is the driest desert on earth with daily temperatures ranging from 40ºC/104ºF to 5ºC/41ºF, only the toughest adventurers are equipped to brave its elements. The new 1900 series is designed with extreme adventure in mind but is also perfect for everyday wear

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